Sunday, July 11, 2010

the Bamboo grove

Its the first time I've ever filmed something and this is only an experiment with not so much meaning, more an experience for me which I was lost in completely. It did begin to have a purpose as I started to think about it.

I had been sitting for a while now in this bamboo grove. As the sun rose higher in the morning sky, the bamboo stalks and the ground in front of me shimmered with changing light.

I thought to myself, it's so difficult to create something and to create something this beautiful. I just sat there watching it all and gradually was deeper into this phenomenon as if it was the first time that I had noticed anything at all about nature.

As I listened, I started to think about architecture as we know it, architecture that uses materials such as brick and concrete, an architecture that has a structure so real and permanent that it stands there in front of us, for many years, totally unchanging.

And here, in front of me, was this natural environment that was gently moving as the breeze entered the grove, that was allowing some light and not allowing some. I asked myself then : "If I were to believe that this was architecture, what was I to learn?"

For me, it was more the process of being there and simply filming without thought that was a learning experience. It was time spent just to look at a branch, to look at the many leaves, to look at one leaf, to look at the ant that climbed up the bamboo stem, to pretend that this was a habitat where I was as small as that insect that stopped here for a moment and then left, to know another of nature's many worlds.


Sathyaraj said...

hi kiran, what is the video about. I couldnt comprehend it

Indian Bazaars said...

Sathyaraj, thanks for your comment. I've just added some writing and photos. I'm not sure it makes it any more comprehensible - it was just a record of a morning with some beautiful memories of a bamboo grove!