Sunday, May 20, 2007

an experience of "seeing"

The experience of designing this project was such a joyful one. It was one of the few properties in the city that abutted the beautiful waters of the Bay of Bengal. A wall had to be built to ensure security. I wanted to think of a design that would be a wall and yet not be a wall. This is what we did. This blog would like to explore the many ways of seeing and designing that are part of the universe and that we may just discover some day!

All of us "see" in a different way. We make for ourselves each day our own kaleidoscope. A child climbs a wall to seek adventure. He wants to know more. When he sees more, he knows more. One day, he stops climbing the walls. He thinks he knows enough. So, he stops "seeing"

Many of us cannot stop "seeing" more. With a mind to perceive what comes before us, we continue to look and to see, if the grass is green and if the pebble is indeed round. Every day one sees and cannot help seeing.

Who is to decide what architecture can or cannot say? Each of us may read a different story. Why believe in any one story when you know that within each story are wrapped up many, many stories; or that the end of one story is the beginning of the other. That everything in this world has a story to tell, and if we care to listen, we can hear them all.

In a world of people and places, in a world of nature and light, there is much that we may not have seen before. To look within our world for a new story, for the many, many stories that each story has within it. We find a new beginning sometimes, when we think we have reached the end of our imagination. It is for this beginning to a more creative existence, that more stories unfold.

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